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SMART repairs are all about repairing light damage to paint, alloy wheels, vinyl, leather, velour and glass that would otherwise spoil the look of your vehicle and reduce its value. We supply the products for everyday scrapes and scratches, burns, tears and small knocks that would otherwise mean a costly trip to the body shop or an insurance claim.

We are about quality and service. We are proud of our products. We want our customers to be proud that they chose us. And to recommend us.

Perfect Detail Ltd supports and encourages the highest quality repairs throughout the automotive industry by selling the very best kits and consumables and by providing training for other SMART repairers and bodyshops all over the UK and beyond. Call us or email for our new, handy pocket-sized catalogue.

A little leather for you leather lovers...

SMART repairs are not just about paint, glass and vinyl. They are also about leather. Here’s an example of Gary’s work with a TVR seat for a prominent customer of ours. Contact us to learn about the consumables he used. We can supply you and train you to add skills like his to your portfolio.

Car sales up at 2005 levels. Something's happening. Be part of it!

We’re pleased spring has come. And that there is that February recovery in UK new car sales to 2005 levels. Things are happening out there. And not just that ordinary, annual recovery after the familiar quiet of winter. More new cars means more work for detailers and bodyshops.

We’re seeing an upsurge in orders. So get ready. Get your consumables now.

The XPert-60 range is proving very popular with customers coming back for more. It’s the ease of use and the brilliant finish it produces. And it is British. We use it every day.

We’re stocking up to supply our detailing and valeting customers as they prepare for the busy, balmy – and sometimes barmy – days ahead.

We’ve made some changes to our new buy on-line e-commerce website www.perfectdetailingproducts.co.uk to make it easier to navigate and now you can buy Lechler water-based paints in handy 250 ml sizes as well as...

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