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SMART repairs are all about repairing light damage to paint, alloy wheels, vinyl, leather, velour and glass that would otherwise spoil the look of your vehicle and reduce its value. We supply the products for everyday scrapes and scratches, burns, tears and small knocks that would otherwise mean a costly trip to the body shop or an insurance claim.

We are about quality and service. We are proud of our products. We want our customers to be proud that they chose us. And to recommend us.

Perfect Detail Ltd supports and encourages the highest quality repairs throughout the automotive industry by selling the very best kits and consumables and by providing training for other SMART repairers and bodyshops all over the UK and beyond. Call us or email for our new, handy pocket-sized catalogue.

Perfect Detail have a special opportunity for you…

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Love working with cars?
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Invest in yourself with an outstanding business opportunity in SMART repair

“More than 10 million car owners have suffered annoying scuffs or scratches due to clashes in car parks…parking spaces have stayed the same size for 20 years, cars have widened by around 16 per cent – making the average modern model two inches broader than the legal minimum space. And the squeeze is costing motorists an annual £500million in repairs to their paintwork.” Daily Mail, **December

Those 10 million car owners with scuffed paint are just one sector of the SMART repair market.

There is real opportunity out there. Come with us and take it.

What is SMART repair?

Perfect Detail SMART repair is a mobile minor damage repair service for...

Bumper repair with Perfect Detail skills and products

Here’s a truly impressive piece of work. Have you any idea how much a new bumper would cost?

Gary used Perfect Detail pit fill resin, activator, texture and paint to provide an excellent finish.

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