Air Conditioning

ODOR-BOM - only £9.95

Ideal for musty odours caused by mould, mildew, pets, tobacco etc. Car Smells brand new!!! As in the showroom!


Quick & easy to use – a fresh clean vehicle in under 15 minutes – your customer can experience a ‘Florida Breeze’ scent when they pick up the vehicle.

AIR CON ECO-BOM - only £12.95

The complete air con disinfectant that removes any bacteria and eliminates that odour. Eco friendly and ideal for allergy sufferers. Fresh clean air con in less than 15 minutes.


Safe for all air con systems – Evaporator foaming cleanser is applied directly to the air conditioning drain tube unit via the application hose. Once inserted the cleaner is sprayed directly through the evaporation unit – the foam removes all trace of contamination and leaves the complete unit fresh and clean.

TOTAL AIR CON LEAK STOP with UV Dye - only £29.95

Easy to use – stops leaks in metal and rubber air conditioning parts including evaporators, condensers, O-rings, gaskets and hoses.

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